Milwaukee 6390-21 Circular Saw Review

The Milwaukee 6390-21 Circular Saw is one of Milwaukee’s most sought-after models. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching the circular saw market for your first circular saw or if you happen to be looking to replace an older model, the Milwaukee Circular Saw is worth a look. It is powered by a 15 amp and 3.25-horsepower motor. This saw starts smoothly, cuts evenly, and will handle just about any material with ease.

This is the lightest-weight saw in its class. When they built this circular saw they certainly had the user in mind. Optimized comfort and control in a variety of applications are provided by Milwaukee’s exclusive, eight-position Tilt-Loc handle. The one-touch spindle lock button makes changing blades a breeze. The easy access bevel and depth adjustments, a bevel capacity of a full 50 degrees, and a clear line of sight are a sure way to get a precise cut every time.

Features and Specifications:

  • Product weight 15.1 lbs
  • 15 amp, 5,800 rpm, and 3¼ horsepower motor
  • Spindle lock and quick lock cord for quick field replacement
  • Aircraft aluminum shoe and soft-grip handle
  • 5-year warranty
  • Blade bevels to a full 50 degrees and offers superior visibility and a clear sightline from either side

The Milwaukee 6390-21 15-amp Circular Saw Reviews:

We performed a lot of research on this product and most of the buyers and users liked it. One of the many key points about the Milwaukee 6390-21 that a lot of people stated was a great feature, is the accurate bevel adjustments, especially beyond 45-degrees on dormers.

Also, a reviewer said that he used this saw for a dual project (a deck and a screen porch) and when the projects were complete he realized that this particular saw played a major role. He went on to say that the included blade easily cut all of the pressure-treated lumber (16’x20’), all of the framing material, flooring material, and railing, and still handled the pressure-treated framing and finish work for the screen porch with ease.

Negative comments that a couple of reviewers mentioned were; they felt you should be able to lock the case with one hand and the case was not watertight. Meanwhile, another reviewer stated that this saw laughed at cutting microlam’s and plunging into scaffolding grade 2×10’s on exposed intricate ridge/tail rafter cuts and said that none of his other saws could do this.

The blade guard is especially strong and the saw could be set down with confidence/safety. Many reviewers have said that this is one of the toughest, most accurate, and best circular saws they have owned to date.

To Summarize: The majority of reviews on this product are quite positive and people like the power, ease of use, accuracy, guard design, and bevel adjustments.

After conducting our research we realized that if you are looking for a tough, durable saw that will handle just about anything and basing our decision on all of the positive reviews for the Milwaukee 6390-21, we will highly recommend this product as a safe buy.