Tricks to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Are you living in a small apartment? How about cramped office space?

If you’re thinking twice about inviting friends over because of the undersized space or invite clients to accommodate in your office, there are cool tricks to make any tiny living space look instantly bigger.

Proper decorations that can deceive the human eye can make a small apartment or office look roomier, loftier, and wider. Pick the right colors and sizes to use as your decorations will do the trick. Learn the different ways to decorate small spaces and make them look bigger, instantly!

Light Colors – The use of light colors will create the illusion of more space. You can either paint the walls and floors white/light yellow or you may use light-colored rugs and wallpapers. Sunlight becomes brighter when it is reflected from light-colored surfaces.

Magic with Mirrors – Hanging mirrors in key areas is one of the most common tricks used by interior designers to make a room look larger than it is. The reflection created by mirrors can magnify the space and light in rooms. However, mirrors must not be positioned in front of each other because this can make a space look crowded.

Multi-Purpose Decors – Maximize the decorations you use in small areas. Go with things that can serve both as an ornament to make your place attractive, yet will also be beneficial for other purposes. For example, instead of hanging large picture frames or paintings, install hanging shelves to display books and other small objects.

Long Objects – Create an illusion using objects that extend from the floor to the ceiling such as wallpaper, artworks, or draperies. This will make people focus more on the top part of the small room which can make it look higher.

Green Decors – Plants are usually associated with the outdoors so if you have them inside your apartment, it can create an illusion that the room is bigger. You can choose from various plants that can be placed in baskets or hanging flower pots then position them all over the place. You may also get a small palm and plant it in a medium-sized pot then position it in the corner of your living room.

Tricky Ceiling – Make your ceiling look higher by painting it right. Using the same color as the walls, paint a one to two feet thick frame along the edge of the ceiling. Then paint the center of the ceiling with a slightly darker shade to make the room look taller and larger.

Symmetrical Displays – Symmetry is usually related by people to harmony and unity. You can make small spaces look bigger by tricking onlookers into thinking that a space is not crammed with a lot of things. If objects are arranged in symmetrical order, the human eye will not be able to segregate multiple items immediately and this eliminates the feeling of overcrowding.