Organizing Bathroom Storage

A cluttered bathroom is one sure way to start and end the day with a feeling of chaos or unrest. The goal in keeping your bathroom de-cluttered is to keep a clean and beautiful bathroom while making it easily accessible for you to get ready each morning.

A quick and clean preparation process in the morning as well as the same for the end of day hygienic tasks is one way to relieve life’s little stresses. There are a few ways to organize bathroom clutter in order to ensure a beautiful bathroom.

Under-sink Storage Fixtures

Underneath your sink is likely to have pipes that take up a lot of real estates, making it difficult to store much of anything. Fortunately, there are storage options specifically designed for under-sinks: shelving units and pullout racks.

Pullout racks can be installed along the sides of the under-sink area; linens or linear baskets can be installed on the sliding bars in order to create seamless storage that can be pulled out when needed.

Similarly, under-sink shelving units are available that snap together in order to be a custom build to your under-sink piping. This shelving will help to create extra storage for organization containers.

Consolidate and Group

Keep most of your bathroom items on shelves or under the sink by utilizing storage containers. Use stackable, lidded boxes to group similar items – hair care, dental, skin, and cleaning products.

Label the bins with cute lettering to add an extra organized feel. While grouping items, make sure to consider prioritizing items that are used frequently and which are simply used as backup items.

Remember that the ultimate goal of the organization is accessibility, keep the items that you use every day in a tote or a caddy that you can pull out each time you get ready and stash it away when you are done primping.

Baskets, Buckets, or Boxes

The method of using decorative baskets, buckets, or boxes will likely never get old when it comes to organization best methods. These storage containers work to coral regular storage of items that tend to get scattered about such as towels or toilet paper. By using a decorative basket type of basin to keep towels and toilet paper, also helps to make these items easily accessible.

Roll your towels tightly and keep them stored near the bathtub on a shelf or on the floor. Likewise, keeping a nice stack of white toilet paper piled in a basket on the back of the commode can add a decorative, organized, and convenient element. The perfect place to store your extra toilet paper is near the toilet—if one roll runs out, there are plenty waiting right there for you and your guests!

Tips and Tricks

The initial step that should be taken during the organization is that of purging. Keep an eye on your product’s expiration dates—there is a reason products expire so make sure to heed these dates and toss anything that is old. You can also toss anything that you find yourself never actually use. Overall, for organization, less is more!