Dresser Plans Ideas

Before you can pick out plans for dresser projects, you have to follow a certain train of criteria. This is the only way that you will be able to see your project to fruition. You do not want to pick out any random plan and then have to stop halfway through your project because you realized that something is amiss.

Plans for dresser projects do not have to be complex to produce a good quality dresser. All that you have to do is make sure; you dot your I’s and cross your t’s before you begin. To save yourself a lot of time, energy, and other resources, you have to make sure that you ponder over the following points.

Know the different types of dressers

There is no way you can get good plans for dresser projects if you do not know what you want to build. There are various types of dressers and you have to know them all first before you can pick out a plan. Below are the most common types of dressers that you can pick from.

Long dresser – As the name suggests, these are very long in length. Being very long, they have the largest drawers amongst all the dressers that you can pick from. They also more often than not come with a mirror on top. These kinds of dressers are meant for those homes that have large bedrooms. They are usually picked by those who have plenty of stuff to store. You will usually spot them in luxury homes and hotels.

Tall dresser – the tall dressers are very narrow. They are preferable in those rooms that you have very little space to work with. Despite being very narrow, these dressers can still store a lot of stuff as they can be fitted with very many drawers. It will all depend on the height you choose.

Wardrobe armoires – The wardrobe armoires are also a very common sight in many homes and hotels. They have two doors on top that open towards you to reveal a large space that you can hang your clothes in. they also come with a couple of drawers down below so that you can store other things there as well.

Storage chest – The storage chests as the name suggests looking like a treasure chest. They are made from very hardwood as they are usually to be used for decades if not centuries. Simply described, they are a huge box with a lid held in place by very strong hinges. They also come in variable sizes depending on your needs.

Double dresser – These are usually very short, about waist high for a majority of people. They come with very many drawers which are arranged in rows. One can have varying numbers of rows but this consequently affects the size of the drawers. The dresser may also come with a mirror if one wishes.

Choose the appropriate type of wood

The type of wood that you use for your dresser is a very important factor to consider. It will determine the durability of the dresser. The shape of the dresser that you want to build will also go hand in hand with the type of wood. Some types of wood for example would not suit an oval-shaped dresser. The type of wood will also significantly affect your budget.

Hardwood – These are more durable than softwoods but come with the disadvantage of being very expensive.
Softwood – These are cheaper and easier to find than hardwoods. They are also very easy to work.

Choose the type of finish you want to give it

Last but not least, you have to consider the type of finish that you are going to give your dresser. This will help you know whether you have got plans for dresser projects that are completely detailed to the finishing step. You can choose your finish to match other furniture or the theme of your home.

Dyes or wood stains – These allow you to choose various shades and hues to suit your tastes/preferences

Varnishes-Accentuate the look of the natural look of the wood

Polishes – There are many different options available so a lot of people choose to polish. They give the wood a shiny look. They are also easy to work with and thus a very good option for beginners.

Oil – The advantage with oils is that there are different types for many different types of woods e.g.Danish oil would be perfect for pine and lemon oil would be perfect for teak. The oils can also have very distinct aromas that freshen the roome.g. Lemon oil leaves a long lasting aroma of freshly cut lemons.

Two part coating – Gives a very high glossy finish. The problem with them is that they are very hard to redo or remove in the future.